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A Non-Marriage Certificate is a document issued by the Registrar of Marriages confirming a person’s marital status. It is usually required where a Zimbabwean national intends to marry abroad or where a Zimbabwean intends to marry a foreigner in Zimbabwe. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Freedom to Marry or a Certificate of No Impediment.

The Registrar of Marriages usually requires a copy of the person’s national identity card and birth certificate. Where there is a divorce order a copy of the same should also be submitted in which case the Registrar will verify directly with the court that issued it. In the case of a person claiming not to have been married at all, the Registrar will search the records from the time the person could legally marry to date. Where there is a divorce order it will be from the date of the divorce order to the present date.

If satisfied that there is no marriage record for the person in question the Registrar will issue a Non-Marriage Certificate which is valid for six months from the date of issue. It may need to be pointed out that a statutory fee must be paid before the Registrar does the search.

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  1. Ostinah muzezewa

    Good day .. I have 2 kids using their father’s names was Nt legally married it possible for me to get a non married certificate

  2. Siphiwe

    Good morning where can I get a non marriage certificate in Bulawayo

  3. Tendayi jongwe

    How much is a non marriay certificate m in South Africa

  4. Rasqusnny

    Mokwanisa kupindura vanhu here than kuvapa address?

  5. Nzuzo-enhle Moyo

    My name is Nzuzo-enhle Moyo, I took a Non Marriage Certificate in May, till now no feedback. I want to know what’s happening because I have been waiting patiently. I wanna know the way forward.

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