How To Register A Private School In Zimbabwe - Marume and Furidzo Legal Practitioners

The registration of schools is governed by the Education Act (Chapter 25:04)

It provides that no person shall establish and maintain a school other than a Government school, unless it is registered. It further provides that any responsible authority wishing to establish and maintain a non-government school shall make an application to the Secretary in the prescribed form for the registration of such school, accompanied by such documents as may be prescribed.

Upon receipt of an application for registration as aforementioned, the Secretary shall make such inquiries as he considers necessary in order to determine the application. The following factors are considered among other things;

  • The proposed school premises, including any hostel or other buildings to be used in connection with the institution or accommodation of the pupils attending the school, are suitable or adequate for the purpose, having regard to the number, ages and sex of the pupils.
  • The qualifications and experience of the proposed teachers in relation to the pupils attending the school.
  • Ensure adequate financial provision has been made for the proper maintenance of the school.

If the Secretary is satisfied that the proposed school meets the prerequisites considerations he will grant the application. The responsible authority is also required to pay a registration fee as set by the Regulator from time to time.

Conversely, if the Secretary is not satisfied as to any matter referred above, he may reject the application; or grant the application and register the school provisionally on condition that the responsible authority, within such reasonable period as he may fix, complies to his satisfaction with such requirements regarding any matter. Where the Secretary is of the opinion that adequate educational facilities already exist in the area in which an applicant proposes to establish a school, the Secretary may advise the applicant in writing to that effect, and may recommend that the school be established in some other suitable area.

A responsible authority who is aggrieved by a decision of the Secretary to reject an application for the registration of a school or to register a school provisionally or to cancel the provisional registration or the registration of a school, may appeal against such decision to the Minister and the Minister may give such decision in the matter as he considers the Secretary ought to have given or he may dismiss the appeal. A responsible authority who is aggrieved by the decision of the Minister on appeal, may appeal to the High Court, which may give such decision in the matter as it considers ought to have been given or may dismiss the appeal. The lodging of an appeal shall suspend the decision appealed against.

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